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Non-Trucking Liability Insurance - Physical Damage - Occupational Accident
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What is Bobtail Truck Insurance?

We provide insurance coverage for Owner Operators including;
Non-Trucking, Passenger Accident, Occupational Accident and General Liability Insurance.

Bobtail Insurance Liability

(Non-Trucking Liability Insurance)

Auto Liability Coverage for an owner operator when the truck is not being used for trucking purposes or after truck deliveries. The liability coverage occurs when the driver is operating his or her vehicle for non-trucking purposes like on the way home or not in the course of transporting property for a motor carrier. It is a business auto policy with Truckers Insurance for Non-Trucking Use endorsement.


Driving an 18-wheeler truck without the trailer attached. Also referred to as deadheading.

Bobtail Insurance Coverage

Owner operators are required to have special insurance coverage, called Bobtail Truck Insurance, that make deadhead trips with or without dispatch.

Bobtail Truck Insurance provides liability coverage for Independent big rig truckers when driving with or without the trailer regardless of whether you are under dispatch. Coverage covers you when you drive your commercial truck without the cargo trailer to and from the terminal and also between loads without the trailer attached.

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